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Bloom and Prosper

Bloom and Prosper


Ojai Blooms, a floral design studio located in the heart of Ojai, is a creative collaborative effort by Jenifer Wing and Adonda McGrath Brennan. 

Both Jenifer and Adonda come from salt of the earth families with a legacy of working with the local landscape. Jenifer’s a longtime Ojai local with artist parents who both had a keen eye for gardening, and Adonda, whose deep family roots are in farming, specifically McGrath Family Farms, a fifth-generation farming family are known to be great stewards of the land and one of Ventura’s oldest and largest certified organic farms.

Ojai Blooms specializes in the artistry of organic, garden-inspired floral designs, and are sourced from local farms committed to pesticide-free and organic growing. The flowers are borders for the crops, maximize pollenization and attract beneficial bugs.

McGrath Family Farms and Adonda’s own farm, River Blooms Ranch, located in Meiners Oak, are home to the beautiful blooms in their signature bouquets and arrangements. 

It is also where they grow an array organic lavender and seasonal flowers.

This allows each and every Ojai Blooms design to be filled with the freshest and most vibrant flowers available on the market.

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With years of design experience collectively, Jenifer and Adonda continue to enjoy working closely with their clients designing flowers for events, special dinners, and weddings, as well as creating artfully designed arrangements for The Ojai Valley Inn, giving their undivided attention to each project, paying close attention to detail every step of the way.

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