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Figtree Wellness

Figtree Wellness

With an earthy, soulful decor and especially warm greeting, you can feel a sense of overall calmness when you enter Figtree Wellness, a recently opened holistic center on Maricopa Highway, where an integrative approach to health and wellness come from feeling good both inside and out.

If you are looking to improve your health, sexuality, nutrition, appearance, sleep, and mindfulness, this is the spot for all the most innovative treatments. They treat all from infants to grandparents.

Owners August Dolan and Darla Harold oversee the all-woman team of passionate professionals with years of experience who are ready to help guide you on your health journey as you begin your path to healing.

August and Darla at the grand opening of Figtree Wellness center this summer.

Local doctor, Robin A. Bernhoft, who advocated especially for mold and heavy metal patients in the area, retired recently leaving Dolan the practice with an already established clientele. Long-time friends, Dolan and Harrold, who have equally experienced life challenges that led them on a path to wellness, Dolan and Harrold decided to join forces. The dynamic duo decided to create a safe space for all people to come and use the practice of regenerative health, beauty, and wellness. They assembled an all-woman team of practitioners and clinicians each an expert in their field.

Figtree Wellness believes in the benefits of a wide variety of treatments both internally and externally. Often when a person has medical issues it effects their mental health as well which is equally important. They tend to throw the word “bio-individual” around because even though we are similar in general we are all unique and want to honor that. Dolan’s own personal experience with severe domestic abuse

became a driving force to establish as a safe space for women who have experienced abuse and trauma.

Functional Medicine specialists at Fig Tree Wellness offer the treatments and services you need to stay on top of your health, beauty, and overall wellbeing. They can treat any concerns that may arise providing personalized attention and care.

Fig Tree Wellness’ services include unique treatments such as detox therapy, all natural allergy options, anti-aging, sexual wellness for both men and women, IV supplements and vitamin boosts. They even offer solutions to kick those dirty habits of smoking, drinking or overuse of opioids and other toxic medications.

Cutting edge holistic programs like athlete recovery and pain solutions, revolutionary new weight loss plans, allergy care, scar treatments and facials, watsu and equine therapy coupled with overall wellbeing coaching, from head to toe are Fig Tree Wellness Center is a one stop shop.


Fig Tree wellness offers an array of treatments to helping you feel your best every day:

-Anti-aging peptide therapy

-Custom skin care line

-Customized supplement plans

-Customized shots and IVs for weight loss and well being

-Customized Vitamin intramuscular boosters

-Sexual wellness

-Amino Acid Therapy

-Hormone replacement therapy

-Weight Loss and Athlete Recovery

-Customized support plan including vitamin boosters, recovery IV therarp, supplement plan and more

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-Health coaching to immunity boosting to psychotherapy that include equine assisted psychotherapy and aquatic based modalities

-Hair restoration with PRP to microdermabrasion to facilas to micro needling to your own custom skin line. Anti-aging PRP treatments , intramuscular boosters

Naturopathic Services

-Practice is in the private sector

-Under the guidance and supervision of their team of naturopathic doctors they provide wellness products and treatments individually customized.

To book an appointment go to

1320 Maricopa Hwy, Suite G, Ojai, CA 93023

(805) 640-0180

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